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Liver disease can take over different forms and can be caused by a variety of factors including genetics, obesity, viruses, toxins, drugs, alcohol and problems with the immune system. Tragically, by the time liver disease is detected, it is often too late as severe liver damage has already occurred.

This is why we are b ringing liver research to life. Every development in liver research today means tremendous advances in diagnosis, treatment, prevention and possible cures for liver disease in the future. With the ongoing shortage of available donor organs, we need to make sure that every liver transplant is successful both in the short-term and the long-term. With more research we may be able to find ways to improve these outcomes for patients.

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Through our advocacy, education and patient support efforts, we share the knowledge gained through research and seek to eliminate the barriers that may limit patient access to research breakthroughs. Being diagnosed with liver disease can be a frightening experience and there are often far more questions than answers.

It can be very comforting to talk to others who know what you are going through and to get information and advice from a trusted source. The Canadian Liver Foundation offers patients and their families the opportunity to connect with one another, share their stories and have their questions answered. There are a lot of stereotypes and misconceptions about liver disease, so it is crucial that accurate and accessible information be available that can help overcome biases and ensure those suffering with liver disease are not unfairly stigmatized.

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The Canadian Liver Foundation is a reliable research-based information source for patients, families and friends, healthcare professionals, community agencies and the general public. Fear of the unknown and fear of being judged means people with liver disease can be isolated and not know who to turn to for help.

For people living with liver disease, often the biggest challenge they face is the fear that comes from a lack of information. That is why, with your help, the Canadian Liver Foundation is funding research, providing education, and building awareness to change this. Research continues to lead to exciting breakthroughs in the diagnosis and treatment of liver disease. But, unfortunately, some patients may have difficulty obtaining the benefits of this research.

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We have successfully advocated for new hepatitis C drug therapies for use in Canada and are continuing to push provincial governments to provide access to these treatments to patients in their regions. The Canadian Liver Foundation relies on support from caring individuals, community-minded corporations and foundations to continue funding life-saving liver research as well as patient support, education and advocacy programs for all Canadians. Liver disease is already a serious health concern in Canada, and as our population ages, it is only getting worse. The time to act is now!

We need advances in diagnosis and treatment; advances that may one day lead to a cure. The Canadian Liver Foundation has been funding liver research in Canada for close to 50 years, an achievement we credit to the generosity and continued commitment of our donors. If you want to help bring research to life like we do, visit our How You Can Help page to see what kind of a difference you can make in your own community, at your own capacity.

All that the Canadian Liver Foundation knows about liver disease — prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care — is based in scientific research.

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The best research, however, is of no use unless we have ways to share this knowledge and deliver programs and services that truly help people living with or at risk for liver disease. The CLF relies heavily on the generosity of individuals across Canada who offer their valuable time to help the CLF raise funds and deliver much-needed liver education and patient support programs. To demonstrate our appreciation for the volunteer support the CLF has received and to recognize the incredible work of liver researchers in Canada and around the world, we invite you to join us in celebrating and honouring these very deserving awardees.

We have also been able to reach out to millions of Canadians across the country with awareness and education messages, and we have been able to touch the hearts of those affected by liver disease with our support programs. Throughout this celebration of 50 years, we want to thank our past and current supporter family and invite you to join us on the forefront of change for the next 50 years to come. Please visit our 50th anniversary page to learn more about the great achievements we have accomplished thanks to you. The Canadian Liver Foundation was the first organization in the world committed to promoting liver health and fighting liver disease through research and education.

In keeping with our pioneering mandate, the CLF established a Gold Medal Award in to recognize doctors and scientists who have made a significant contribution to moving the field of liver research forward. The knowledge gained from the collective research of these individuals has provided the CLF with the information we need to help improve the lives of Canadians living with or at risk for liver disease. Florence Wong is Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto and a leading Canadian clinician-scientist in the field of hepatology.

Her research interests include pathogenesis of portal hypertension, ascites formation, liver-kidney interaction, renal failure in cirrhosis and hepatorenal syndrome. She has published over peer-reviewed journal articles, reviews, book chapters and editorials and recently led the publication of a landmark international consensus document defining renal failure in cirrhosis. Wong has held many prestigious national and international research-related positions i. She has been a mentor and inspiration to many trainees in hepatology at the University of Toronto.

His pivotal research and his dedication to training the next generation of scientists has helped to change the lives of children impacted by liver disease. Sass-Kortsak passed away in Sass-Kortsak who made tremendous contributions to the field of pediatric hepatology and did much to further the work of the Foundation. The CLF is proud to carry on his simple yet powerful guiding principle: focus on the patient.

Fernando Alvarez. He is highly recognized as a lead Senior Researcher in Canada, with the broader scope of his work in Pediatric Liver Disease, specifically, immune related liver diseases such as autoimmune hepatitis. Alvarez identified antigens involved in the immune reaction of specific antibodies in type 2 autoimmune hepatitis, which helped to improve understanding of the pathogenesis of this disease. Alvarez is an author of nearly publications and is the founder of the Canadian Pediatric Hepatology Research group and has mentored numerous learners and colleagues.

He is a great example of excellence in the field of Pediatric Hepatology within the research arena as well as in the clinical care of children and youth with liver disease. At the same time, the Canadian Liver Foundation had an opportunity to award this commemorative medal to 30 outstanding volunteers across Canada in recognition of their contributions to the fight against liver disease.

Please join us in celebrating the incredible volunteers who have harnessed their passion and dedication to helping the CLF fulfill our mission of bringing liver research to life. An event where family doctors, specialists, researchers, medical students, and nurses gathered with a common purpose; to combat the alarming increase of NAFLD in Canada.

As a result of this three-day event, participants are now able to better understand the current status of NAFLD and are equipped with a clearer roadmap as to how they may prevent, diagnose, treat and aspire to one day cure NAFLD. The grant was made possible through a generous donor and matching funds from the Toronto General and Western Hospital Foundation.

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Became a founding funding partner in the Canadian National Transplant Research Program involving research teams from 18 transplant centres and 15 universities and research centres across Canada plus collaboration with international researchers from Europe, Asia, Australia, USA and South America. Became the first organization in Canada to call for hepatitis C testing for all adults born between and Took on a significant advocacy role to help facilitate the approval of new breakthrough hepatitis C drug therapies.

Initiated the first International Liver Health Alliance comprised of liver associations and educational institutions from around the world to facilitate global advocacy, education and awareness initiatives for liver disease. Led the Canadian World Hepatitis Day Alliance as part of a global effort to raise awareness and spur government action to address hepatitis B and C as serious liver health issues.

Launched the LIVERight Campaign to educate Canadians about the vital role the liver plays in nurturing and protecting the body and how everyday decisions can impact liver health.

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Created the 1st Discover the World of Hepatology program in collaboration with the University of Manitoba to encourage bright young doctors who are at a crucial point in their careers to become the hepatology leaders of tomorrow. Oscar Peterson. Became a founding supporter of the National CIHR Research Training Program in Hepatitis C — a national, multi-centre, trans-disciplinary research program in hepatitis C, providing research funding and establishing opportunities to share the knowledge of these research findings.

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  • Launched the Living with Liver Disease education and support program for patients and their families, the first program of its kind in the world which has since been duplicated by liver organizations in the US, UK and France. Successfully advocated for universal immunization programs for hepatitis B beginning in British Columbia.

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    This national event takes place in many cities across the country. Together with participants, volunteers, sponsors and friends new and old, we continued to successfully raise funds that will help change the future of Canadians living with liver disease! To learn more visit strollforliver. The LIVERight Health Forums are FREE educational events for people who are living with liver disease, their family and caregivers, those who are at risk of liver disease, and students who wish to pursue a profession in the healthcare field.

    Find more information and register now on our website. The evening includes cocktails, live and silent auctions, a three-course meal, and great performances by our headline performers.

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    Some car owners sink their time, money and effort into caring for their high-performance vehicle. Others care only the bare minimum, ignoring the oil leaks, the spreading rust or the concerning noises, just hoping that it will always start up in the morning. Hepatitis C is referred to as a silent disease because people infected often do not show signs of illness. They can go for years not knowing they are carrying this potentially fatal virus — and can spread it to others.

    Undiagnosed and untreated, hepatitis C can lead to a variety of serious health issues including cirrhosis, liver failure, liver cancer, or even death. Liver disease can sneak up on you. No one ever expects it will happen to them. And yet, someone you know may already be among the more than 8 million Canadians being affected by liver disease across Canada. The good news is that many liver diseases can be prevented, managed, or in some cases even cured — but early identification is critical.

    Learn more about our Too Close 4 Comfort campaign here. At the age of 43, Richard was diagnosed with hepatitis C. If that was not enough, the doctor informed Richard that he had probably had this liver disease for over 20 years, and now had cirrhosis of the liver and would soon need a liver transplant. I chose to keep my diagnosis a secret from my children for fear of them treating me differently.