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So, if you made a mistake and caused your own injury, you can still receive compensation. This is a good thing. There are a few exceptions to this rule. You can read about those exceptions here. A third-party workplace injury claim is a personal injury lawsuit that is filed against someone other than an employer. You can file a third-party claim if someone other than your employer contributed to your accident. Some examples of third-parties who are liable for work-related injuries include:.

A worksite supervisor or project manager: If you work on a construction site, your employer may be one of several subcontractors working on the project. There may be a site-supervisor or architect who is responsible for supervising the entire project and making sure the site is safe. You can file a lawsuit against the site-supervisor if you are injured because of unsafe conditions at the worksite. Outside contractor: Every subcontractor has a duty to help maintain a safe worksite.

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However, benefits are only one part of the equation. In some states with low benefits and costs, premiums may be high due to the inefficiency of the system for awarding benefits. The generally increasing cost of medical care impacts premiums as well. Workers comp claimants do not have to pay deductibles.

Insuring Your Business: Small Business Owners' Guide to Insurance

In many states they may visit as many doctors and specialists as they like. There is generally no requirement for doctors to prescribe generic rather than brand name drugs. An assigned risk plan or pool is a means of providing insurance for businesses that may not be able to get workers comp insurance in the private market.

High-risk businesses, businesses with a history of many claims and businesses in new industries without a previous industry claims history are the most likely to get insurance through the assigned risk plan. Typically, the employer or the agent applies to the plan.

Should Employers Cooperate With Workers’ Compensation Subrogation?

The application is then assigned to an insurance company that the state has designated to write the policy. Premiums in assigned risk pools often carry a surcharge over the regular premium rate. About half the states have second injury funds to encourage the hiring of workers who are partly disabled but still able to work.

Employers would be reluctant to hire such workers due to the risk they could sustain an injury that would combine with the prior injury or condition to cause a disability. Without second injury funds, the new employer would be liable for the entire cost of the claim. When a partially disabled employee suffers a second injury, part of the cost of the second injury is apportioned to the second injury fund. Manage Your Risks — Most small companies do not believe they can afford to hire a risk manager.

Workers' Compensation and Third-Party Claims

Nevertheless, someone in the company should have a continuing responsibility for loss control and the management of workers comp claims. This involves a variety of programs to keep workers safe, the medical management of claims and early return to work for any injured workers.

In some states insurers must provide accident prevention services to employers. Even if not required to do so by law, the majority of workers comp insurers can help you improve safety.

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In some states, employers are required by law to set up safety committees and other programs to deal with unsafe conditions in the workplace. Even when not required by law, safety committees can be very effective at reducing accidents. For example, after UPS set up worker safety committees at each of its locations to identify the most frequent workplace accidents and took measures to reduce them, injuries that caused workers to take time off from work decreased by 59 percent.

You may also be legally required to have a written injury and illness prevention program. Again, even if not legally required to do so, having and following a written program can help reduce accidents. In some states there are premium credits for drug- and alcohol-free workplace programs and safety programs. Some insurers may give you a discount if you hire a professional risk management firm to help you with your safety program.

Raise Your Deductibles — A majority of states provide for optional medical deductibles in workers comp insurance policies as a cost saving measure. Deductibles tend to encourage greater safety consciousness on the part of the employer who must pay the deductible amount.

New York Workplace Accidents

You may have been put into assigned risk without knowing it. Ask your agent to check on your status. If you have been put in assigned risk, find out from your state workers comp agency if rates are higher. If they are, make a concerted effort to get other insurance. Talk with other agents, investigate group self insurance programs that may be available in your state and talk with other people in your industry and owners of other businesses of similar size and age and with a similar risk level.

The integration of workers compensation and other employee benefit programs is a broad concept that ranges from a simple marketing approach that promises savings from using the same insurer for both coverages to programs that offer a managed care approach to the management of all types of disability, regardless of whether they are work-related.

Besides limiting overlapping programs and streamlining administration, proponents say the change to a broad approach addresses the increasing difficulty of distinguishing between work- and nonwork-related injuries and illnesses, such as injuries due to repetitive motion and mental stress claims.

Third-Party Claim Attorney Coachella Valley| Safety Order Violation

It improves productivity, since nonwork-related disabilities are managed with the same focus of getting the employees back to work as work-related cases. This was a long, cumbersome and costly process from which the worker might gain nothing if the court failed to find the employer totally responsible for the injury. With so few employers liable for workplace accidents, support for injured workers and the families of deceased workers was a societal problem. The workers compensation system was adopted to provide injured workers and their dependents timely compensation became regardless of who was at fault for a workplace accident.

As part of the compromise that made the employer liable for work-related injury and disease costs regardless of fault, the employee surrendered the right to sue the employer for injuries. If you are unable to travel to our Manitowoc or Green Bay offices, our lawyers can come to you. Please enter a valid email address.

Maximizing Your Compensation After A Work Injury

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