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Zoroark, Mewfour and Lugiatwo came to play!

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Everyone in the series is mostly taller than Baxter, some are about his height and some are shorter than him. Officially Baxter's in love with Braixen, u know she fell in love with him after Baxter saved her as a Fennekin to return her to her parents. That is where baxter hanged out with the Delphoxes and since the Delphoxes returned recently, She is now a Braixen.

In the June 5th RP, Elissa sat on baxter for his punishment. Must taking a close-up selfie while suntanning at the pool. Happy Fathers Day from White who's father had died when he was born. Baxstar and Snowy having a great time at the beach together.

The Sally Baxter Girl Reporter Series

Baxstar is a Gamer Girl sometimes, She also allows baxter to watch her gameplays sometimes. A RP was meant to be made yesterday however its declined because of huge depression and too much intensity and also deaths but Parasite is defeated to end the RP which was meant to be done for. Fantacy and Must are a tag team with each other as "Pranksters".

Steven Universe: the movie - Other Friends (60 FPS)

Baxstar turned into a werehog by what? Dark Gaia? Baxstar as a Human but with a Bikini and shorts on. Mewfour got alittle bit of an update, she now has feet braclets.

Edna May Baxter - Database: Christian Educators of the 20th Century - Biola University

What lies out there for us Sonikku wearing a lab coat Sonikku being a lifeguard and that face she does makes her blush. Sonikku is also bad but taller than her owner baxter. In one of the RP's Sonikku actually had a sexual crush on Shadow, Shadow actually has that same to her, Also he hates baxter and tends to play rough on him. Sonikku is pissed off for someone hurting her owner. A version of Sonikku in A crazy's girl art drawings. This is how big sonikku is on all fours compared to baxter. During a Worst Booty Voting time! Foxy Came up as the winner!

With Toy Chica being a Runner-up. Bon Bon, Mangle and Toy Chica together for the summer. Baxter and Fantacy are really close friends and also BFF's together. Fantacy has been taking alot good care for Baxter lately oh and if anyone knows what that is around his chest, those are bandages, Chica accidently poked his chest while he was shrunken underwater with fantacy and fantacy rushed him into the bathroom and she putted alot of bandages around his chest, anyways he's healing up great right at the moment, oh and she turned normal just in time to take him in the bathroom while he was still shrunken, after he got the bandages on his chest he turned normal as it just stayed on him But yea Fantacy is baxter's Buddy and BFF awesome right?

Oh I get it now, Sonikku used some power to turn herself into a Human and obtained a House for herself. Baxter and Fantacy both went to the Water park together with the Freddy cast. Movie Night as Charizard has Baxter shrunken watching a movie while resting on her belly.

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Desi is a Snowcat after all, He can encounter a Mouse and he loves to eat them. He also thinks shrunken people are mouses. Queen Ninja shrunk baxter and now has him in her palm of her hand.

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  6. Mewfour gave baxter 5 seconds to get out of her room before she will stomp him. Both White and Desi believe every shrunken being are Mice to them.

    Also, Baxter shrunk down for Baxstar so she can have better gameplay. Happy Fathers Day from White, His dad died when he was born. Dressing up for trick or treating, Baxter shares his treats while celebrating spooky good fun on Halloween. Baxter struggles to find the perfect gift for his new owner and cat friends. On his search for just the right gift, Baxter learns the true meaning of Christmas. I will never forget how incredulous my children were when Baxter was abandoned by his first family.

    They were in disbelief, until his new family adopted him, and joy washed over them as Baxter was accepted into his new loving family! Each story teaches us something different and yet equally valuable in a fun-loving way that children adore which displays her unprecedented talent as an author! I found myself completely entranced by The Life and Times of Baxter The Bat Dog by Carollee Wagonlite, right alongside my children, as Baxter makes unlikely friends on his delightful adventures!

    The Sally Baxter Girl Reporter Series

    Kudos to both Baxter himself and Carollee Wagonlite for this significant recognition! Carollee Wagonlite has created a magnificent tale that captures the heart and attention of children, dazzling us, exuberant readers, with the spirited and cheerful Baxter and his inspirational ventures! I love the fun-loving ambiance that kept me giggling right beside my children, especially when Baxter dresses for Halloween! The Life and Times of Baxter The Bat Dog is a wonderful medium to help address many difficult topics constructing a bridge between adult and child that opens a dialog leading to a greater understanding.

    Thank you so much for reading book lovers! Do you see yourself reading this book? Do you love the genre? Please let me know your brilliant thoughts below and I will be sure to comment back. Thank you so much again for reading!