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Serial No. Compared shapes of the attachment loops at left: the older model, at right: the post model. Technical Data Dimensions: see above - Divisions: mils, clockwise, North facing zero - Weight: gr - Materials:. Serial no. Click on the pictures for enlarged view. Technical Data - Diameter: 54mm - Depth: 21mm - Weight: gr - Card material: synthetics, transparent - Case inside coating: radium paint - Date: Morin had this picture printed in the greatest French Encyclopedia Larousse ed.

It was the standard compass of the French WW1 soldiers. Orientierungskompass Patent no.

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Diopterfreie Orientierungsbussole compass without sights Swiss patent no. Niedermann's solution was described in in a new patent no.

Technical Data - Materials: bakelite, steel - Needle dampening: by fluid - Divisions: mils, clockwise. The North's red mark is exactly located on the figure Technical Data - Case material: aluminum - Divisions: mils, counterclockwise - Dimensions: 70 x 58 x 13mm - Weight: 55g The magnetic declination marker consists of an aliminum tag attached to the frame.

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The crystal can rotate within the frame to adapt to different declinations. The pictures show the Model no.

Réforme ferroviaire : quel est le modèle suisse ?

The model no. The transit lock system is unique: a cam rod concealed inside the casing and actuated by the closing of the lid depresses the lever raising the magnetic needle. Pics at left: Views of the box and the user instructions. Photocopies available.

Johnson’s Brexit deal : si éloigné du modèle suisse

Simple marching compass without mirror lid mod. Technical Data - Dimensions: 85 x 65 x 18mm - Weight: 75gr A special version with fluid capsule offered as possibility to take into account the local declination:. It was available in black or cream colour. Stockert compass models. Theses models were called no.

Model Export version USA : box-shaped casing. User instr. In Nov. The brightness can be adjusted by means of a wheel located on the side compare to the model signed Eschenbach. Pictures courtesy F. Model c.

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Click on image for detailed view of dial. WWI mirror compass. The Argentina Army's version featured cardinals in Spanish language. Royal Oak From avant-garde to icon. Royal Oak Concept An ultra-modern collection that exemplifies a drive to innovate and a spirit of independence. Royal Oak Offshore The dynamically daring version of the iconic luxury sports watch. Millenary Revealing the beating heart of the watch. Jules Audemars When elegance meets excellence.

Haute Joaillerie Disrupting the traditions of gem-set watches. Classique Where the past shapes the future.