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Such a feast for the eyes! Especially all the 2. What an amazing show!!! Cest un genie du marketing Karl.. Keep me Curious! I found it a little tacky, ok a lot tacky. If it was anyone but Karl you would all agree. Coco would have died if she were not already dead. This was like something out of a Benny Hill set. Anyone, anywhere else……. Garance, you are hilarious, though. As simple as that. And this might seem strange, but absolutely nobody controls me. The fun, the irony and the amazement I am trying to convey in that post are totally genuine. Just wanted to react to this for once.

But thanks for your kind words, too! All this made my heart skip a beat, or two! This is out of this world, if only I could experience it all some day! When was it made? Do you know the style name??

Incroyable Grandiose! Merci de me faire oublier la pluis et mes cheveux qui frisent, pendant 2 minutes :. The extensive use of the montage of bags adds character and appeal to the photos and brings them together nicely.

A particular photo in which Karl Largerfeld is walking through adds a touch of glamour but still remains a quiet and low key event. The whole use of the set and stage of this show is extremely different to what a convention high brand fashion show would do.

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The creative use of the hay,barn and lighting really compliments the fashion that is being modelled. This adds to the appeal of the clothing and adds a real sense of authenticity. The live added music by singer lily Allen again adds glamour and celebrity status to this but a sense of simplicity I believe is conveyed aswell. I absolutely adore you blog on the Chanel show in your own view. Extremely colorful and felt like I was there too! I enjoyed reading your blog more so than watching the video on style. Job well done!!! Et je me demandais comment vous avez fait pour aller a un fashion show de chanel.

Vous etes tellement chanceuse!!

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Y Karl Lagarfeld toujours aussi parfait! What a beautiful blog. Merci beaucoup vous etes magnifique un grand bisou Jasmine. Our Essentials Series is always quite short and to the point, but Vanessa and I felt the white shirt deserved a bit more attention to detail Too often our first notion of a white dress is bridal. Possibly the perfect summer white look spotted on one Victoria, and just one day later possibly the perfect summer black look spotted on Lexie. Tennis is such a chic sport. Imagining myself on a tennis court in all white! Prev Post. Next Post. When suddenly… Lily Allen came out of the earth Seriously, honest to god to do a concert… Yeeaaaa!

But in the end… Craziness! Come on, of course you do: Chanel! Commercial genius.

Mon Petit chaton a trop faim et me suit partout - trop mignon ! Rassurez vous il a bien mangé :)

Some people, like the amiable Caroline Sieber knows how to have fun with the Chanel alphabet. The Beauty Edit: Parisian Mood. The Beauty Edit: Fake It! The Beauty Edit: Fall Refresh. French Muses.

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The Beauty Edit: Sheer Color. The Beauty Edit: Sensitive Skin.

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Nailed It. Bonjour Garance!! Thank you! Thanks Garance! Anna X. Ah Chanel…. Merci encore pour les photos Garance! Thanks for the coverage.

Quel commentaire percutant! I love Chanel :. It began in Pondicherry where I discovered Indian philosophy and spirituality. And also music of course. There was a lot of enthusiasm and the desire to build something totally new. In a certain way, it was a continuation of the dynamism of the sixties in California for me, with a return to the source.

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There, where what I was searching for appeared to still be alive and well, and where enlightened beings were showing the way. You could study all sorts of traditional arts at the ashram such as yoga, Sanskrit, tantric philosophy, Indian dance and music. It was a meeting place for the best from both the East and the West, but also an opportunity to be totally immersed in the traditional Indian lifestyle.

I had some fundamental experiences during which I discovered, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that what was essential resided deep within me. That is when I realized that my spiritual path was music.