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Jan 08, Susan Wood rated it it was amazing. I have just discovered the illustrations of Leo and Diane Dillon and they are superb in the simple but beautiful Japanese fable. I discovered this book in an antique shop in Leura in a hardback form and it is a treasure. I am now searching for more books illustrated by this talented couple. Jul 27, Jenny rated it liked it Shelves: picture-books , folk-fairy-tales-and-adaptations , children-s-books , character-ed.

This is a sweet fable where mandarin ducks repay the kindness shown them by two servants. The illustrations are detailed and beautiful. I do wish there were notes on the origin of the story. May 04, Momruns5 rated it really liked it Shelves: Cute story about lasting love and sticking with those you love. Jun 13, Kara rated it really liked it Shelves: picture-books , japan. A very sweet fairy tale about kindness rewarded from magical animals. Dec 30, Rachel rated it liked it.

This was a nice story about how the good you do comes back around to you. A quick good read. Jul 15, MJ rated it really liked it Shelves: read-aloud-to-alissa. Alissa loved the drawings of the ducks especially. May 18, Larena rated it really liked it.

Rescued ducks live happily ever after

E:Easy: 3rd grade Vocabulary. Mar 11, Hannah McManus rated it it was amazing.

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This was beautiful. Feb 02, Blair Brown rated it it was amazing. The Tale of the Mandarin Ducks is one of greed and oppression, but also the victories of fidelity and self-sacrifice. The tale is set in Japan and follows the fate of two loyal servants and a mated pair of Mandarin ducks.

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Similarly, a beautiful Mandarin drake is captured and then cast aside when he begins languishing for his mate. When a serving g The Tale of the Mandarin Ducks is one of greed and oppression, but also the victories of fidelity and self-sacrifice. When a serving girl, Yasuko, rescues and frees the drake, Shozo is suspected and takes the punishment, rather than exposing Yasuko, whom he has grown to love. He sentences them to death, but there is yet another rescue about to miraculously unfold. This captivating tale portrays the classic contrast between cruelty and self-absorption with faithful love and self-sacrifice.

It is the later that is finally victorious, as has been so often throughout history and in events, large and small. The material resources and power of oppressors are no match for it. The love and fidelity that drives a person to sacrifice himself for the good of another is a contagious and world changing force. In this simple tale, that force wins Yasuko and Shozo, and the Mandarin ducks, a peaceful happy life.

Oct 20, Hana Sm. The story's plot is based in medieval Japan during the times of samurais and emperors. An evil ruler who works under the emperor, captures a beautiful male mandarin duck and shows it off to his court. The bird is locked in a cage and becomes sick from missing his mate. The ruler's kitchen maid named Yasuko, feels sorry for the duck and helps it escape.

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She tells a man named Shozo what she did and he keeps it a secret. The court gossiper notices The story's plot is based in medieval Japan during the times of samurais and emperors. The court gossiper notices how close they have become, and tells the ruler. The ruler accuses them both of stealing his beautiful duck. As Yasuko and Shozo are being marched to their execution, a weird-looking couple shows up and marches the friends for 5 days and nights through the woods.

The guards run off because the woods frighten them.

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The prisoners are led to a cottage, fed and released. Yasuko and Shozo are so tired from their journey that they fell asleep without thanking the couple. But they wake up and run to the door to see if the couple are nearby. So it turns out that the couple who helped them escape were the ducks!! A rich plot describes this book. One of the morals of the story is that when you help others, sometimes they will re-pay you when you need help the most.

Mar 25, Kjsmit11 rated it really liked it Shelves: smith-grades This complex picture book would be great to read aloud to students of all ages. The detailed illustrations give insight into the culture of the book. These birds not only glide on water and walk through the grass but they often sit in trees, Lau says. Harold Eyster, a PhD student studying biodiversity and nature conservation at the University of British Columbia, says it seems likely that this bird is an escapee, since these birds are popular garden ornaments.

Geoff LeBaron, director of the Christmas bird count at the National Audubon Society, says the ducks are a very popular bird with people who raise water fowl, so this bird could be an escaped pet. There was a bit of a flurry of Mandarin ducks being seen in the area for a number of years in the s and s, he says, which possibly came from breeders. Lau believes the duck escaped from a hobby farm, and says people at the park have mostly left him alone. The park also has a bobcat family and a mink so whether he dodges them depends on how smart he is, she says. Featured false. Concerns over national shortage of life-saving cancer drug.

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    Lau saw the male duck in the park in late September. In this episode, Magistrate Dee is in the capital of the Empire where the plague has broken out. Not only that, but while there, he has to get to the root of 2 murders. Robert van Gulik —67 was a Dutch diplomat and an authority on Chinese history and culture. His many works include sixteen Judge Dee mysteries, a study of the gibbon in China, and two books on the Chinese lute.