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It seems like the poem is talking and shouting Hey! See me! The theme of the poem was all about the immortality of work of an art.

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An art that has a soul, body and mind, an art that has life. Poem has feeling and emotions that creates a mood and tone. It can be the feeling of happiness, sadness, anger, loneliness, empathy, gratitude and fear etc. Therefore the sense of 'feeling' is the soul of a poem. The feelings and emotions is one of the ingredients that blew poem into life.

The poem also describes itself as the feeling that is free, the image that lives, it means that the importance of feeling and the living power of poetry being basic premises of Literary Romanticism, and the life without end again a hint of the immortality in words. Henceforth the intensity of emotion in the poem will depends upon the choice of words and the use of figurative language.

More than meaning words has the power to create emotion upon the reader.

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Words can represent as the body or structure of the poem. Words create feelings and feelings make an image. In the third stanza "I am the image that lives". One of the elements of the poem is imagery images that challenge the power of imagination. For an art is about imagination beyond limits.

For an art is limitless. Some images are absent in the real material world, but can be perceived by the mind. For the imagination can perceive which cannot be seen by our naked eye.

Imagery represent as the mind. And this is how psychological reader response helps the reader to better understand this phenomenon. The poem focused on the subjectivity of the speaker. The speaker claimed that he is the world, the poetry. With that, it explained the gender superiority of the speaker himself.

This is where how the readers connect this literary piece on their personal lives. The speaker himself compared his life into the world and poetry. Life is the world and poetry. And it is easy to distinguish that the life of the author is in the poetry or writing a poem about the world. Poetry is his world, and he exists in his own world of poetry. It somehow talked about the author who is escaping from reality. The main concern of the reader response approach is to uncover the creativity of human minds through interpreting a text with by the uses of varied lens and perspective.

A text is recreated every time someone new reads it, and in the process the meaning of the text becomes increasingly richer and wider. Therefore, the reader response approach teaches that there is no absolute.

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There is no single and fixed meaning of the poem. It enables us to examine the complexity of human behavior and motivation. It desires to show the uniqueness of every response of an individual.

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