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About this book Introduction Described here are the origin and general trends in the development of fishing from the earliest times up to the present in various parts of the world. The techniques applied and the economic and social problems involved are covered. Fishing methods have not changed much since the Stone Age, but continuous technical improvements like the construction of sea-worthy ships, more efficient gear, and finally mechanization of fishing have led to enormous development and a high fish production, of now million tons per year.

Extensive utilization has caused heavy overexploitation of the resources and consequently growing concern. The book concludes with an evaluation of perspectives for the future utilization of living resources. Hamburg 52 Germany. People really set up home and decor!! Seasonal campers near Sandwich, MA. New England. Washington, D. I kept thinking that all of the"folks at the Capitol" should stroll through this area and read the quotes. Martin Luther King Memorial. Martin Luther King Memorial, D. Washington, DC. White House - Tours of the inside are very limited and must be made six months in advance.

On the right below you can see the White House in the distance through the fence. Everyone seemed to be having their photo taken in front of the fence. White House, DC. A new White House Visitors Center opened the day we took the tour. Below is a photo of the virtual tour I was given of the inside. You could click and many items and learn about its history. The White House Visitor's Center had many exhibits and display of historical items. Display at Visitor's Center at White House.


The museum was initially endowed during the s with the permanent art collection of Joseph H. It was my favorite museum in DC. Hirshhorn Gallery - DC. Kenneth Snelson, American, b. Jim Sandborn, American, b. Roy Lichtenstein, American b. Hirshhorn Gallery, DC. Juan Munoz, Spanish, b.

Inside the Hirshhorn Gallery, DC. Including more than fifty works, this exhibition collapses conventional art historical divisions such as figurative vs. The objects oscillate between these dichotomies, thus turning one's preconceived notions of sculpture inside out. Inspired by the philosophical notion of "Speculative Realism," which emphasizes an equal relationship between subject, object, and space, the exhibition highlights the importance of installation and the viewer's eye and the body in relation to the object.

The selected works - ranging from the well-known to the rarely exhibited - challenge the modernist notion that sculptures exist isolated from their surroundings. The materialist and physicality of the sculptures, on one hand, and their more intangible, phenomenological aspects of the other, raise intriguing questions about the potential limited of the perception of objects and the larger world. Henri Matisse, French, b. Toshio Odate, American, b.

Sorel Etrog, Canadian, b. Jassy, Romania, , Africana, c. Isamu Noguchi, American, b. Max Bill, Swiss, b.

David Smith, American, b. Tomonori Toyokufu, Japanese, b. David Lee Brown, American, b.

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Manuel Neri, American, b. George Segal, American, b. Sol LeWitt, American, b. Hartford, Connecticut, , Wall Drawing No. Louise Nevelson, American, b. Emile Gilioli, French, b. Aldo Casanova, American b. Philippe Higuily, French, b.

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Hirshhorn, Gallery, DC. Tony Smith, American, b. Claus Oldenburg, American, b. Arnaldo Pomodoro, Italian, b. Morciano, , Sphere No. Judith Shea, American, b. Arman, American, b. Jean Arp, French, b. Henry Moore, British, b. Henry Moore, Birtish, b. Joan Miro, Spanish, b. Marino Marini, Italian, b.

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Auguste Rodin, French, b. Francisco Zuniga, Mexican, b. The stone has a history dating back to in India.

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  • The original crystal was almost two feet in length and weighed nearly 60 lbs. In , gem artist Bernard Munsteiner fashioned the gem and named it after the first two emperors of Brazil. A pattern of tapering "negative cuts" is faceted into the two reverse faces of the obelisk. These facets reflect the light, making it appear to glow from within. The vertical "lines" near the base are hallow tubes that formed naturally in the original crystal.

    Sandstone Concretion, Bontainbeblueu, France, This natural wonder sandstone formation is made of quartz. Tiny crystals of quartz cement together grains of quartz sand. It is art? These two fragments of a single meteorite weigh lb and 1, lb respectively. In the two large rotundas there were five or six large groups of people, all with ear phones so they can listen only to their tour guide.

    Congressional was not in session so those rooms were not open for viewing. Statues of people were everywhere and they often crowded the perimeter of large rooms. The Hall of Statues in particular is highly populated with larger than life statues. Capitol, Washington, D. Dome under construction - U. Visitors Lobby at U.

    During visitors hours this is packed with people. American Sculpture Thomas Crawford, designed this for the Capitol dome. Visitor's Lobby, U. Mother Joseph, A Sister of Providence, , She made monumental contributions to health care, education and social works throughout the Northwest. State of Washington. Helen Keller, Visitor's Lobby, U. It was here in that Chief Justice Roger B.

    Taney delivered the Dred Scott decision. Capital, Washington, D. Note the corn cobs in the American version of columns in U. Note the flowers in the American version of columns in U. Large Rotunda in U.