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They are also available in digital audio and some of them in print. All will be in print in Nothing is ever as it seems in Old Mill.

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The O. There are several books in the series that I did NOT write, as well as a novella and a couple of tie-ins, but these were my contributions. The Parting was the first full-length O. A long time ago Aaron Rosenberg, Steve Savile, and myself came up with the premise for a series taking place after a horrible dark force destroyed the Earth.

The idea was that bits and pieces of things pertaining to different religions and cultures were spread through the universe, and civilizations began. Hamilton Blood Noir by Laurell K. There's a special madness strikes travellers from the North when they reach the. In all of her nightmares, the dragon's voice had been a roar of pain. The girls were exactly alike in face and feature but utterly different in disposition.

Illustration by Jan Matulka, published in Czechoslovak Fairy Tales by Parker Fillmore Dobrunka put the pitcher away and the young man, while her back was turned, She cried out in fright and pain and the cry awoke her. Let men look into the barrel of a gun. You can Everything that I could hide from the pain. That takes Into another enemy in war. All my scars are painted with the blood that I once have spilled..

I'll drive you to madness, but that's what you want! My head's spinning round, waiting to fall, fall for a secret desire. They stopped in the center of the nave and groaned with pain, their hearts boiling with madness, with foam round their mouths, the blood trickling down their flesh.

Mann points to the utopian works that have informed many of the books on. The high priests of the Gottlungs, the Culds, say that the Sisters meet when eclipses come and decide matters of life and death for the chosen ones, those who bear the seal of the Sleeping God, their brother — apart from his will.

So the Accurs have written in the tablets of Risterverden. Amate the Sun has no interest in the affairs of mortals, and barely any interest in the affairs of the gods. She only has interest in herself. She is depicted nude, wearing a cloak, her hair spreading out as sunbeams. Her face is either not depicted or bears removable masks — or, when she is depicted in the form of a statue or stained glass window, her face is positioned so that the sun shines through it when sunrise comes. She bears a golden scythe in her hand. Amate collects the Sparks of those who perish during the day.

Symbolic attributes: golden scythe, sun, tongues of fire. Swirling vertical lines of warm colors ornament her symbolic attributes.

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Patroness of: agriculture. She whose cloak covers the heavens, bringing darkness like that of the edge of worlds. She whose cloak is adorned with the Sparks of heroes, whose luminous scythe is as sharp as the scythes of the Sisters of the Reaping! She whose bow did bend and slay her own father and brothers, taking their voices from them! You show your shining face to your servants. Your dark eyes gaze upon us from the heavens, awaiting our service and our sacrifice.

And we say to you, Elianne, the Dark One, Our blades are sharp, and sworn to you! Let blood flow in your name! Excerpt from a manuscript called the Killers' Prayer. In those days there was no shadow over the world, and the heavenly sphere was divided in twain. One part was ruled by Tolki the Lightbringer, the other by his sons, the Northern Winds, who traveled the expanse of the heavens under a shining sail woven for them by Braetila Tolki then also did own a bow, one made for him by the heavenly master Aori And Velent saw the power of the bow of Tolki, her father the Lightbringer, and she was secretly envious of that power.

Then Velent did persuade to her sister Amate And Velent took her father's bow and uttered a secret word, and the bow became her servant And she slew her father, and also did defeat her brothers.

And the lightbringing crown of Tolki did fall from his head, and roll across the heavens, where it did approach the world of men and become enflamed. But Amate seized the crown and said the Word, and placed it on her head, and thus did become the master of the Day. Velent could not hold the shining sail of the heavenly gavran, and where Velent was, there was darkness.

The patroness of killers and dark deeds. She is only called Mother Night by the Slavards from the distant North, who live under the cover of her dark cloak year-round. She killed her father with her own bow and arrow. When her younger brothers, the Northern Winds, were seized by their grief, they became wolves, and she killed them, stealing their voices.

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She is depicted in the nude but wearing a cloak, like her sister but with her face visible. She bears a silver scythe. Amate's twin sister. Dark brown or black hair is the mark of this goddess's patronage. She is the deity of night and gathers the Sparks of those who die during the night. Symbolic attributes: silver scythe, crescent, scattering arrows, bow. Patroness of: burglary, murder, and other dark deeds. Terskel is the one-armed warrior who keeps eternal vigil over the walls of Terrskellen, the ring world, the wall world barring access to the world of the Sleeper, Risterverden.

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It is a cold, icy world, isolating the fiery Risterverden from the other worlds. In the Godmassacre, Terskel blew a great alarm on his horn Rivelim, signaling Aori to smash the silver brace of the heavenly sphere. Terskel's other arm, severed by the Ereborns, still grasps the bellowing horn Rivelim and ever floats throughout space, circling the world of humanity.

As the elders will tell you, that horn still sounds forth.

Sometimes, when the night is especially dark and quiet, you can hear it. World: Terrskellen. Symbolic attributes: horn and an arm.


The maiden of death. Her world, Smertverden, lies between the world of men, Sparksvaard, and the world of the Sleeper, Risterverden. The Slavards are certain that all who die of old age and all who lose their sword or shame themselves on the field of battle are sent to the place of Jodenande. But true warriors — godlike heroes inflamed with fury who give their lives in battle — fly through the world of Iceeyed, blazing holes through her ensnaring bedsheets. Beyond lies the Sleeper's Forge, and then his Hammer and his Anvil, awaiting all true heroes.

For the Sleeping God is forging the souls of the dead into a great blade of Vengeance. But not all who pass beyond Jodenande are worthy of this, and so not all make it through the Forge. She regularly manifests herself in the world of humans, summoning to herself three of the Twelve Nameless Ice Knezi — three of which keep vigil on the walls of Terskellen, and nine of which guard the breach in the heavenly dome.

She summons them, for she knows their names, and this means she has authority over them. When she does this, winter comes to Sparksvaard. It is believed that if Jode calls all of the Ice Princes at once, eternal winter and the kingdom of death shall dawn in the world of humans. World: Smertverden Collective name of her and her sisters: Sisters of the Reaping Symbolic attributes: net, red scythe. Patroness of: death. Iceeyed's younger sister. The messenger of death who personally comes to collect the Sparks of the dead. She spends nearly all her time in the human world.

Sometimes she appears to mortals to make deals with them: their Spark in exchange for some mortal desire. For mortal desires often lead to even more Sparks, to Jomfru's great advantage. Sometimes, though, she will offer her aid without explanation. People often confuse Jodenande and Jomfrutotte — indeed, as far as humans are concerned, there is no special difference between them, but the elder feeds on human Sparks, and the younger feeds on pain and on the desire to survive that grips each mortal who comes to death's door.

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Perhaps she has assumed some aspects of the mortals whose world she is almost always present in. She takes an interest in mortals. World: Smertverden. Collective name of her and her sisters: Sisters of the Reaping.

Smbolic attributesy: red scythe. The warrior of the Throne of Wisdom, he is considered the god of knowledge and wise council. He reclines on his soft bench with its soft back — and his eyes, burned out in Godernblodbad, see through the whole realm of existence. Patron of: council, debates, seeking the truth. The Transporter, The Ferryman The Ferryman is a greedy Holur, taking all the Sparks the other Holurs have been unable to divide amongst themselves to the threshold of the Gods, the purgatory world. Under no circumstances will the ferry someone back.

This purgatory world is built to determine which God will receive each of the Sparks that arrive there.